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If you’re wondering who I am

I’m Darcy, a 29 years' old developer from Sydney, Australia. After my graduating from law school, I pursued a career in corporate law in London, UK. After two years as a lawyer, I felt stuck and decided to undertake a secondment to work with an NGO in providing technology solutions to implement off-grid solar energy in India. The opportunity exposed me to the power of technology to affect significant and positive change in the community. I decided that it was time for a change, so I started to study JavaScript before work and within four months I had left a career in law and was working as a freelance developer.

I have two+ years of commercial developer experience! Specifically, I have focused on front-end applications but have also worked with NodeJS, PHP, and Python.

I am always seeking to

Away from the desk, I enjoy surfing and stand-up comedy.

My current current stack is:



Check out what I've been working on lately

Social App

I built a fully-functional social media application! Users can post, share, like, and comment on each other's posts. The application will also recommend Users to follow. The application is built using React/Redux, along with Express and Firebase. Using React Router, it fetches data based on the URL, so you can easily reload the page and the data will continue to be fetched. Along with the use of lazy loading on images and error handling, it is a very performant application.

React - Redux - Express - Firebase

Darcy Portfolio

This very website you're now watching. I wanted something fast and with good SEO for my portfolio, so a static website generator like Gatsby seemed like the best fit. It reads data from markdown files, so it's super easy for me to keep adding Portfolio items as I keep developing stuff. It also has a cool dark mode switch since I couldn't decide between a dark or light design.

React - Gatsby - Styled Components

Waygook Teacher

An application to connect language-learners around the world. The app allows a User to join as either a teacher/student, and complete their profile, send messages to teachers/students, and book lessons. Through PayPal, the application also acts an intermediary for each lesson. The motivation for building the application was to easily enable people to find and conveniently online language-learning lessons, something I experienced personally while living in Korea.

PHP - SASS - JavaScript - MySQL

4D Crypto

As a freelance project, I worked with a team of developers to assist with the launch of a crypto investment company. The task includes the development of an exchange using Vue, building various ReactJS webpages and linking the two together with APIs.

ReactJS - Vue - Styled Components

Hotel Homepage

A simple project to use React Hooks and Context API, I built a hotel homepage, and allow a User to search for different rooms based on their requirements. The data is supplied by Contentful which allows a Client to easily update their site as new options become available.

React - React Hooks - Context API - Contentful

Audio Wiki

A simple app that allows a User to search for and listen to Wikipedia articles! The simple project was inspired as a fan of audio books and multitasking in general. The User can adjust the voice, rate and pitch to suit them. The app fetches the articles using the MediaWiki API and speaks them using the WebSpeech API.

React - Styled Components

Discord Bots

Discord Bots to automate various alerts and actions! The Bots are tailored toward the financial markets community and provide price alerts when various different price conditions are satisfied. Accordingly, each alert is based off a different algorithm that can be adjusted to apply to each particular market. I often worked with several other developers to build the most accurate algorithm to reflect specific price alert required.

NodeJS - Express - discord.js

Contact me

If you want to talk, you can find me at: